Hadley, NY 12835
(518) 312-6732

Board of Directors

Bringing The Adirondacks Together

AATV Board of Directors

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Steve McNally


Phone: (518) 251-2869 Town of Minerva Essex County


Shaun Gillilland 

1st Vice President

Phone: (315) 369-3121 Town of Willsboro Essex County


Kevin Geraghty

2nd Vice President

Phone: (518) 623-9511
Town of Warrensburg
Warren County


Deborah Coryer

Director At Large

Phone: (518) 429-7541
Town of Dannemora
Clinton County


Jean Raymond

Director At Large

Phone: (518) 863-2034 Town of Edinburg Saratoga County


Arthur ‘Mo’ Wright

Director At Large

Phone: (518) 696-4797 x1 Town of Hadley Saratoga County


Ken Hughes

Director At Large

Phone: (518) 963-4287
Town of Essex
Essex County


Robin DeLoria

Director At Large

Phone: (518) 582-3131
Town of Newcomb
Essex County


Dorothy Brown

Director Region A

Phone: (518) 891-2189
Town of Franklin
Franklin County


Joe Pete Wilson

Director Region B

Phone: (518) 576-4444
Town of Keene
Essex County


Mike Geraci

Director Region C

Phone: (518) 494-3647
Town of Horicon
Warren County


Brian Wells

Director Region D

Phone: (518) 648-5885
Town of Indian Lake
Hamilton County


Ron Robert

Director Region E

Phone: (315) 262-2702
Town of Colton
St. Lawrence County




Ron Moore

Sr. Advisor



Pamela Wright

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (518) 312-6732